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How We Work


Frame the Problem

We at Onpassive Digital first aim to understand the context of the problem from an AI perspective rather than looking at it from the human intelligence point of view. We then describe the actions, look at various after-effects of these actions and events and then analyze the state of the problem before and after the recommended solution is used.


Collect Data

Big data and artificial intelligence work well together. To learn and improve decision-making processes, AI requires massive amounts of data, and big data analytics leverages AI for better data analysis. With this convergence, you can more easily leverage advanced analytics capabilities such as augmented or predictive analytics and surface actionable insights from your massive data stores.


Process Data

Processing of Data in Big Data and Data Analysis is different from what we do in regular data processing. We use a set of techniques and programming models to access vast volumes of data to extract valuable information that helps us support and conclude decisions that help find a solution to the existing problem.

Get Ready to Start Your Project with Us

When you succeed, we're happy. In order to make sure that you win, we need to start from the beginning.
We come with years of experience and expertise and we take every project with the same enthusiasm. After working with hundreds of different projects and clients, we've been able to identify the common characteristics that our clients come with and the traits that are needed for a project to be successful.



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