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We at Onpassive Digital are work towards making Data Analytics and Big Data available to all the businesses and help them in achieving their maximum reach and realizing goals.


  • Understand Databases
  • Explore The Data Science Workflow
  • Level Up with Big Data

Data Science

  • The Data Analyst - Develop processes and policies
  • The Data Engineer - Align requirements with engineering
  • Machine learning - Analytical form of Model Building
  • Data Generalist - Extract insights and conduct analysis

Artificial Intelligence

  • Reactive Machines: Respond to stimuli
  • Limited Memory: works on past experiences
  • Theory of Mind: Ability to perform like humans
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence: Robot performing like humans

Machine Learning

  • Linear Regression: Relationship between Input & Output
  • Support Vector Machines: Differentiate collected and processed data
  • Random Forest: Prediction Method
  • Ensemble Methods: Identify the problems

Our Skill

We are Masters in Data Science & Big Data Analysis

Infused with AI and ML, Onpassive Digital helps small, medium and large scale businesses to increase the value of their data and information, uncover insights, create plans and give response to the customers’ demands on a real-time basis.

Data Anaylsis88%
Social Assistant95%
AI Solutions70%
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Know the latest trends in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with our blogs that give in-detail information of how Data Analytics helps the business organizations to maximise their potential.

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Machine learning algorithms (ML) help a business find patterns in data. Businesses use these patterns to make predictions regarding new data points. If you use poor-quality data in an ML model, it will not be accurate and will never give correct predictions in order to help with business growth.  Often, real-world data is incomplete and […]

Steps To Build Customer Loyalty

Businesses must build a loyal customer base to survive and drive brand growth. Today, the importance of customer retention activities cannot be underestimated. And it’s important to do it the right way, based on the company’s values and commitment to serving customers. If the market goes up and down over time, you need to earn […]

Data Science and Social Visibility: An Emerging Tech Revolution

Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are helping pave the way for greater social awareness. Artificial intelligence has taken over spectacularly. This technology has the potential to improve a brand’s online social visibility. AI represents revolutionizing the digital scenario by increasing the social visibility of brands through marketing analytics and insights. The combination of AI, […]