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Infused with AI and ML, Onpassive Digital helps small, medium and large scale businesses to increase the value of their data and information, uncover insights, create plans and give response to the customers’ demands on a real-time basis.

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Know the latest trends in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with our blogs that give in-detail information of how Data Analytics helps the business organizations to maximise their potential.

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AI Role To Transform Social Visibility 

AI has become an integral part of our lives because technology made a path into the most significant aspects of our lives. The day is yet to come when our life transforms completely with the remarkable invention in the field of technology and robotics. It is time to realize the potential of AI in social […]

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What Are The Top-Most Benefits Of Business Intelligence Software?

Every organization these days requires business knowledge devices to remain in opposition. Organizations of all sizes and stages need BI instruments to settle on more brilliant and informed business choices, make due, and examine business information. BI devices help in envisioning the reports created and expand income results. Business insight instruments give an answer that […]

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An Overview Of The Types Of Customer Analytics And How To Use Them

Customer analytics systematically analyzes customer data and behavior to locate, lure, and keep the ideal customer. It also involves using unprocessed data to examine and comprehend the demographics, demands, and levels of consumer satisfaction. Customer journey analytics aims to categorize customers into appropriate groups, comprehend behavior, identify broad trends, and create focused marketing tactics. Customer […]

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