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Infused with AI and ML, Onpassive Digital helps small, medium and large scale businesses to increase the value of their data and information, uncover insights, create plans and give response to the customers’ demands on a real-time basis.

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Know the latest trends in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with our blogs that give in-detail information of how Data Analytics helps the business organizations to maximise their potential.

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Data Science and Social Visibility: An Emerging Tech Revolution

Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are helping pave the way for greater social awareness. Artificial intelligence has taken over spectacularly. This technology has the potential to improve a brand’s online social visibility. AI represents revolutionizing the digital scenario by increasing the social visibility of brands through marketing analytics and insights. The combination of AI, […]

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Designing a multi-cloud strategy for your digital transformation

The cloud has been a driving factor in the realm of digital transformation. Organizations migrate to cloud infrastructure and evolve in technical, operational, and cultural aspects. Several organizations today have chosen to migrate to the cloud or are devising cloud migration strategies.  Organizations across the globe are slowly migrating to multi-cloud models to make the […]

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Understanding the Benefits of Edge Computing for Businesses

Edge computing is a new approach to network architecture and is becoming quite famous recently. Sometimes the cloud needs the real-time response necessary to support essential workloads. Therefore, many companies have become cloud-native in their deployments. Edge computing can help in avoiding the high latency with the public cloud. The emerging computing paradigm will change […]

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