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Infused with AI and ML, Onpassive Digital helps small, medium and large scale businesses to increase the value of their data and information, uncover insights, create plans and give response to the customers’ demands on a real-time basis.

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Know the latest trends in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with our blogs that give in-detail information of how Data Analytics helps the business organizations to maximise their potential.

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Importance Of Big Data Analytics In The Banking Sector

Banking institutions must embrace big data to reimagine customer segmentation as a solution that benefits both the sector and its clients. At its most basic level, client segmentation generalizes customer wants and demands without addressing their problems. The banking industry may use big data to generate personalized customer profiles that assist bridge the gap between […]

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Importance Of Cloud-Based Services

Since the inception of cloud computing, the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure have been more obvious year after year. Because their technical environments are poor at sensing and responding to market changes and new trends, many businesses today are finding it difficult to respond to market changes and new trends. Cloud-based services offer a far […]

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The Best Applications of Data Science in the real world

Introduction Companies utilize data science in multiple ways, from creating personalized ads to tailoring storefronts based on consumer profiles. The best applications of Data Science is being embraced by healthcare, banking and finance, transport and logistics, manufacturing, marketing and many more.  DS in healthcare The use of analytics in healthcare has improved medical diagnosis and […]

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